Goodbye Baby (lyrics)

Goodbye baby
I’ve had enough
I’m sick of dark clouds
I’m sick of love

Goodbye baby
Nail me to the cross
I’ll be a martyr
For this lost cause

Goodbye baby
It’s been fun
You can call me evil
You won’t be the only one

Goodbye baby
I’m not wasting time
I’m taking my heart back
I’m taking what’s mine

So goodbye baby,
Baby, baby bye
I won’t let you hang me out to dry
Goodbye baby
Baby, bye

You know I gave it,
Gave it all I had
I won’t let you turn my good heart bad
Goodbye baby
Baby, bye

It’s not easy
But it’s not so hard
Your shadow will haunt me
Your love will leave a scar
But you see I owe me
More than I owe you
And I’m not a liar
I gotta tell the truth
I’m telling you the truth